Masters Realty | Committed To Your Best Interests

Masters Realty is comprised of an elite group of highly trained, experienced and motivated full time real estate professionals who are each committed to providing an unparalleled level of service in support of the best interests of our clients. This means that when assisting our buyers in their search for their next home, our agents will implement a thorough and focused search program that assures our buyers that:

  • They will be shown those properties that meet the search criteria of the buyers and their families regarding such areas as number of bedrooms, number of full and half baths, lot size, parking, proximity to schools or transportation, and others that the buyers identify as uniquely important to them
  • The properties they are shown are in the areas that the buyers determine are the most appropriate for the needs of their family
  • The properties have a listing price that is within the target budget for the buyers or that could be purchased at a price lower than the list price based on market conditions
  • Our agents will negotiate on behalf of the buyers to ensure that the buyers will make an offer and enter into a subsequent contract to purchase their chosen property under the best terms and conditions possible given the complex nature of the interests of our buyers and those of the sellers.

Our agents can make this possible based on their extensive experience representing buyers in millions of dollars of transactions within the target market of their clients.

What The Professionals at Masters Realty Do To Support The Best Interests of Our Buyers

  • Provide our clients with an in-depth overview of the buying process, identifying each step where opportunities exist for the buyer to maximize their purchase opportunities, and ensuring that our buyers are comfortable with every step of the way
  • Assist our clients in determining their buying power and identifying qualified lenders who can provide the appropriate financing vehicle for their purchase
  • Assist our clients as they seek to define the specifics of their desired purchase, including among others their areas of interest, types of home styles, and range of prices
  • Assist our clients in the identification and viewing of appropriate purchase candidates, using our knowledge of the region and the numerous computer tools available for property searches
  • Using our extensive experience and knowledge of the purchase process we assist our clients in the negotiation of the terms of the purchase and the complex contract process with the goal of ensuring the best overall transaction for our clients
  • Guide our clients through the inspection, repair negotiation and closing process to ensure that the process meets the best interests of our clients, including the final closing and the transfer of property ownership.