Masters Realty’s Commitment To Our Sellers

Masters Realty is comprised of an elite group of highly trained, experienced and motivated full time real estate professionals who are each committed to providing an unparalleled level of service in support of the best interests of our clients. This means that when assisting our sellers in listing their homes for sale, our agents implement a thorough and focused marketing program that assures our sellers that their properties will be seen by the largest possible number of potential buyers, and that their properties will be presented to those buyers in the most favorable terms possible.

What The Professionals at Masters Realty Do To Support The Best Interests of Our Sellers

* Provide our clients with an in-depth overview of the selling process, identifying each step where opportunities exist for the seller to maximize their selling opportunities, and ensuring that our sellers are comfortable with every step of the way

* Provide our clients with current information regarding the overall market for local home sales, including documentation for recent local sales of comparable properties and how such sales reflect on the value of our clients’ properties

* Assist our clients in setting the appropriate local market sales price for their property to ensure that the property does not languish on the market if is over priced, or to prevent the client from losing money by under pricing the property

* Evaluate our clients’ properties to identify positive enhancements that could result in a faster sale or a higher sales price, as well as those factors that should be corrected in order to ensure a greater opportunity for a timely sale

* Provide guidance in enhancing the marketability of the property through suggestions on staging and overall presentation of the property

* Employ the greatest use of appropriate digital and print advertising to effectively present the property to the widest range of potential buyers, including specifically the use of a vast array of real estate websites that target buyers in this region

* Provide full marketing support materials to our sellers, including the publication of a full photographic representation of the property for use on all websites and to other agents on the multiple listing service, as well as the production of quality brochures for distribution to the buyers

* Place a Sale sign with a brochure box in the yard, hold appropriate Brokers Open Houses to showcase the property for other real estate professionals, and advertise and hold Open Houses for the general public in order to ensure full exposure for the property, especially for neighbors and friends who may know someone who is interested in relocating into this neighborhood

* Using our extensive experience and knowledge of the sale process, we assist our clients in the complex evaluation of each individual purchase offer, emphasizing the balance of effects that various terms may have on the overall acceptability of the offer when compared to the best interests of our seller

* Using our extensive experience and knowledge of the sale process we assist our clients in the complex contract process and in the negotiation of the final terms of the offer with the goal of ensuring the best overall transaction for our clients

* Guide our clients through the inspection, repair negotiation and closing process to ensure that the process meets the best interests of our clients, including final closing and the transfer of property ownership.